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Virtualizing Engage Central

Well, this is just not going to be an interesting post to most of you. That’s just the way it is sometimes. The OSG Matchmaker is still an important part of OSG job submission infrastructure for many users. One part … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration Stack

This post has moved to the new continuous integration blog.

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The OSG Compute Element – A Trip Report

In this post I’ll cover a few details, in hindsight, of setting up the Blueridge CE. There is plenty of documentation on how to set up an OSG compute element. Some of it is referenced from other posts on this … Continue reading

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PMEMD on Blueridge

Baby steps. This is pmemd compiled against native MPI libraries executing on the RENCI Blueridge cluster. The job submission workflow uses the RENCI-CI script library. The job_run script uses Globus tools to transfer the pmemd application and input files to Blueridge. … Continue reading

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