PMEMD on Blueridge

Baby steps.

This is pmemd compiled against native MPI libraries executing on the RENCI Blueridge cluster.

The job submission workflow uses the RENCI-CI script library. The job_run script uses Globus tools to transfer the pmemd application and input files to Blueridge. There, it uses PBS tools directly to submit the job.

Job submission is done directly to the new Blueridge CE.

It executes in about two minutes on a regular basis. It takes about 25 minutes on my 8 core Nehalem machine.

The user

  • Logs into the engage-submit node
  • Sets RCI_HOME to the location of the RCI scripts
  • Sources $RCI_HOME/bin/
  • Changes directory to the cpmemd app
  • Runs the following command –
job_run --host=brgw1 \
        --user=scox \
        --app=/home/scox/dev/cpmemd \ 

Here’s example output –

At this point the script currently waits for the PBS job to finish then transfers output back to the submit node.

Elegant it’s not. But it was a necessary part of getting oriented with HTPC and gives our researcher something that works now.

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