On the Open Science Grid Trail

The open science grid is a distributed heterogeneous network of computing clusters. Its infrastructure and protocols allow members to submit high throughput compute jobs for remote execution. All use is authenticated and authorized via a PKI infrastructure which associates jobs to a user and the virtual organization (VO) they belong to.

Build and use OSG cyberinfrastructure. There are posts on submitting and managing job workflows, installing OSG components like Compute Elements (CE) as well as infrastructure for the Engage VO.

High Throughput Parallel Computing investigates using emerging multi-core architectures on the OSG and Blueridge to run performance intensive systems, especially molecular dynamics. This work is in collaboration with the OSG HTPC collaboration.

Data Grids play an increasingly important role in grid computing. We’ll be investigating the expanding role of iRODS as a system for transparent distribution of grid computing data artifacts.

Visualize the OSG using the OSG Map. Nodes in the graph are clickable, as is information in the left navigation pane. Use the search field to search for specific sites. Expand sub-clusters to see their attributes.

Cyberinfrastructure sustainability is a critical challenge. Work on this site makes extensive use of continuous integration as an approach to improve reliability, sustainability and ultimately, repeatability.

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